Playa Coyote and the surrounding areas offer a wide array of activities and excursions. We have relationships with excellent guides for numerous activities and can facilitate reservations and transportation.


The excellent surfing spots are the hidden gems of Playa Coyote. While the surfing is legendary, the beaches remain uncrowded. Our private beachfront is only steps away from the property and is equipped with surfboards for guests to rent.

Private Waterfall

Located an hour outside of Salvatierra, the Karen Mogensen Nature Reserve is home to incredible hiking and views. A 1.5 kilometer hike ends at a 100 meter waterfall that feeds into two pools, so be sure to bring your swimsuit.

Jungle Mike’s Butterfly Farm

The Butterfly Farm is an open-air sanctuary home to hundreds of species of butterflies. Tours are led by Mike Malliet, a renowned entomologist with decades of experience and knowledge. During the nature walks, you’ll learn about local insects and bugs and get to experience the beauty of Costa Rica up close.

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